From the comfort of your home!

Alright everyone, get ready to enjoy the Sweet Brier Boutique from the comfort of your own home! That’s right, our online boutique is up, running and ready for YOU! Have a look, we are so excited to share this new venture with you! ‪#‎sweetbrieronline‬ ‪#‎fashion‬ ‪#‎online‬ ‪#‎shopping‬‪#‎accessories‬ ‪#‎Parrsboro‬ ‪#‎Canada‬ ‪#‎NovaScotia‬

It Takes a Town


It’s been close to two years since Heather purchased the Sweet Brier and re-opened its welcoming doors. The day of the grand opening on Old Fashioned Saturday Night, hundreds of people dropped by to visit and say hello and in the span of just a few hours there were 90 sales.

We have continued to be surrounded by the care and support of the people in the Town of Parrsboro. Friends have helped repair the garden fence and bring the garden back to life. They help us with interior repairs. They check in to make sure the staff are ok. Mystery treats are left for the team. They pick up and deliver products for us on their way to work out of town. They offer feedback on new products. They model for us. They offer to help us with our website. They take amazing photographs in minus 20 degree temperatures. They help decorate floats for the Christmas parade. They drop by or call with words of encouragement. They bring their visiting friends in to say hello. They are our cheerleaders and our fairy godmothers.

Very soon we will be launching our new online shopping site. We are very excited to be using this online presence to brag about some of the talents of our local artists and artisans and pay it forward to a community that has helped us so much.

We’ll be selling Authentic Fisher Rope Mats made by Joy Henderson, gorgeous wedding accessories by Mandy MacAleese and Miss Beans, fossil glass jewelry by The Jeremiah Tree Glass in Amherst, maple syrup products from Dickinson Brothers, paintings, prints and cards by the amazingly talented Joy Laking, photographs by none other than Len Wagg, vintage style sweaters and bonnets from Sugar Baby in Five Islands, and a new fashion line of exquisite dresses that will be announced shortly. And there will be more.

What a special place it is where neighbours and friends hold you up in good times and bad. It truly does ‘take a town.’

Heartfelt thanks from Heather, Ashley and Colleen – the gals at the Sweet Brier Boutique

Working on ourselves…

The boutique is closed for the time being for some exciting renovations! We will let you know as soon as we re-open so you can check them out yourself!

Until then, send us an email, leave us a phone or Facebook message if you need anything! / 902-254-2853

Two little boys bring Christmas home

imageIt was quarter to five on the last Saturday before Christmas and it looked like the last customer had left the shop. We had enjoyed a lovely day at the Sweet Brier helping customers with their Christmas gift shopping and visiting with friends and neighbours from near and far. As we were getting ready to close for the day we heard the bell ring and the front door open. In walked two little boys looking a little shy and slightly overwhelmed by all he baubles and jewels. ‘We are shopping for our mom and dad,’ they said. They had $6.10 they had earned from carolling around the town.

Together we wandered through the store together to find just the right thing for their mom. Nothing too fancy,’ they said. We stopped at something sparkly. ‘Would she like this?’ I asked. Their eyes lit up … Both nodded in unison. Off to the cash we went. Ashley rang in their purchase on the antique cash register. That old register worked its magic and low and behold it offered enough change for the boys to buy their dad a gift at a store they had their eye on down the street. Colleen wrapped the special gift with care. ‘Can we add a card?’ asked the littlest brother. And then the gift was ready.

The boys beamed at the festive wrapping and curled ribbon. We wished them a Merry Christmas and as they were leaving the older brother noticed we were about to close. ‘I guess we got here just in time!’ he said. And off they went to finish their Christmas shopping.

We turned to look at each other – Ashley, Colleen and I – moved to silence. These two little brothers had reminded us of the true meaning of Christmas. May you find the magic in all those special moments throughout the holiday season! Merry Christmas from all of us at the Sweet Brier.